Anyone With Flu-Like Symptoms After Contact With Animals Should Seek Medical Help

Q fever is a serious illness that comes from contact with infected livestock or other animals. There are two main versions of the disease, and they should both be treated quickly with antibiotics. Without help for this disease, people may suffer from serious health concerns or even face heart failure.

Where Does Q Fever Come From?

Many people have never even heard of Q Fever, even though it is a fairly common illness. For those wondering, “what is Q fever?,” it is a disease that results from exposure to Coxiella burnetii bacteria. Animals are the only creatures that carry the bacteria, but it is easily transmitted to humans that are in close contact. The bacteria can be passed through inhalation, as well as direct contact with the saliva, blood, fecal matter and other bodily fluids of an infected animal. For this reason, those who work on farms or have regular contact with livestock are most vulnerable to infection.

Is Q Fever Treatable?

Luckily, Q Fever is easily treated by the use of antibiotics. For those affected by the acute version of the disease, relief and recovery can usually been seen within a few weeks of antibiotic treatment. Chronic fever can be more difficult from which to recover, but antibiotic use will also help these people. It is absolutely essential for anyone suffering from or suspecting that they have Q fever to seek medical attention immediately. The chronic version of the disease is highly damaging to the heart’s health and can lead to death if not treated quickly with appropriate antibiotics. Normally, however, those infected with either version of the disease can expect a full recovery and no long-term effects.

What are the Risks Associated with Q Fever Infection?

There are two different forms of the disease, but both can cause serious health complications to victims. The less severe form is referred to as acute, and it causes people to feel as though they have the flu. It can also lead to pneumonia if not treated quickly. In extreme cases, people may also develop a form of hepatitis. The chronic form of the disease is the most serious, and it can lead to death if people don’t receive fast treatment. Chronic Q Fever leads to heart swelling and failure, so it should be taken very seriously and medical attention should be sought immediately.

Anyone who suspects that they may have been in contact with Coxiella burnetii bacteria from an animal or who are exhibiting q fever treatment should speak with a medical professional for help. The disease should not be left untreated, as it can lead to major health issues or even death. With appropriate treatment, however, the disease is highly curable.

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